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POSTDATUM [segment originally in English which appeared in the Virgin Mary's Open Letter to the Pope and related texts, complete in Spanish only in Ensayos y Epístolas,]

Men and women cannot, may not continue to be treated following formulas that hurt the survival of all species; the happiest societies in fact appearing among the few remnants of matriarchy still lingering, here and there, in the midst of an uneven --but continuing-- social collapse, one more recently assisted by the ongoing failures of that unisex mentality adopted by late “patriarchy” perennially caught in the web of the wrong kind of interest (and interests): all of this to the detriment of subtle yet powerful distinctions between –among?-- genders operating as harmonized opposites whose relative social equality has time and again been noted anthropologically within frameworks of traditional (subsistence oriented) societies.

The healthiest beings are those who dance the dance between these opposites harmoniously intertwined. In the face of cataclysms, of threats to the survival of all species, it would seem that the “Mother” you pray for, especially at “the hour of our death, Amen”, seeks ways to balance out an excessive proliferation that could lead to extinction. This is not to say that the planet could not sustain twice as many people, well fed and relatively happy, were proper understanding, technology and not more than just plain common sense used: the proper measure of humility, perhaps?



Only when money ceases to be a problem will we see the type of science come into existence that the planet and all those in it, all its creatures, require. Negative interest will have a beneficent effect on everything worth preserving and will allow for the disappearance of what is not so, liberating the creative energies of all living beings on their way Home! i.e., on their way to that Center that is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. Think of the atom in its fullest and most empty incomprehensibility -matter as a solid version of the dream whose body-matter is as much nowhere as everywhere. The to-and-fro between being awake and dreaming –the many ways of dreaming; the lucid dream, the dream that is both within the dream and outside of it. No world of “common consensus” will ever obliterate the dream; but, it may be that the dreams of the Unnamable will remake Matter without depriving it of its mysterious underbrush.

When ashes return to ashes and dust to dust, what is gone missing if not, quite simply put, the soul. No greater proof of God’s eternal presence than a body from whence the soul is gone. So it is the soul, that unique breath of the Holy Spirit, that gives matter its fleshy quivering mass and bounce and beauty and rosy cheeks. Everything that dies as long as it lives is a prodigious field of interactions sustaining the beauty of the spheres. The absence of the soul then reduces matter to what all matter is: food for other matter. In times of devastation to eat the body of our brothers is permissible, of course, but only as long as he who feeds on his brothers will be ready as well to fulfill the task of feeding his brothers and sisters and children and friends. In the presence of love everything is pure and not to be looked upon as sin.

The best preparation for life is our preparation for death. To consider a person a “life” to be defended at all costs from death is a sin against the Holy Spirit. For death is the portico to the eternal beyond, even if in mechanical clock-work terms it lasts no more than a few mechanical minutes or seconds. A mechanical minute, like an atom, has dimensions beyond the imagination of so many creatures now clinging to irrelevant (and harmful) images of “God on Earth.” The realization of Death and Rebirth in the Now is what human creatures are called upon to experience, but the SACRED PLANTS of the Mother that hold the secret to such conversions are turned into commodities instead: sold for profit. The effects of prohibition are another unbearable sin against the Holy Spirit.

At a time when the common good of all is more than ever possible, people are put to the task of pretending to obey “natural laws” that are nearly universally felt as totally anti-natural. Greed is not a natural passion in a world of plenty, and a world of plenty would be most natural if everything that all human beings put together know, were put to good use. Knowledge is not simply information but information that seeks to transcend to a more perfect form. The fair forms of truth abound in a flower as much as in a poem: a moment in which what is emerging reveals itself instantaneously, in the batting of an eye, drawing from the rhythms of that inner prayer that the poem is, that love becomes --a clear reminder of what truly is.


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